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HMPE 500/1000 – High-molecular polyethene

HMPE is a high-molecular polyethene. HMPE500 has a molecular weight of ~ 500,000 g/mol and HMPE1000 has a molecular weight of ~ 1000.000 g/mol. This material is very popular in the food industry.

Laser cutting HMPE 500/1000

HMPE500 and 1000 are good for laser cutting up to a thickness of 3 millimeters. With thicker plates, the melting process is more intense, which means the finishes aren’t as clean. The finishes can, however, still be modified after the later cutting process. Laser cutting is constantly developing –today’s problems could be history by tomorrow.

Why HMPE 500/1000?

  • Wear and indent resistant
  • Very little to no moisture absorption
  • Low friction coefficient

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