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PC – Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate (PC), better known under the trade name Lexan, is a very powerful synthetic material. It is so strong that it is often used as the cockpit windshield for jet fighters. Several research projects have shown that polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass, which is why the material is also called safety glass. Depending on how thick it is, polycarbonate is available in DIN 4102 B1 (1-4 millimeters, only suitable for indoors) and B2 (> 4 milimetres, fire resistant).

Laser cutting poly carbonate

Polycarbonate is easily cut up to 3 millimeters, though the edges are not as beautifully finished as with acrylate. We soften the edges by polishing them. Complex product parts with sharp internal corners are very suitable for laser cutting.

Why polycarbonate?

  • Very strong (250 times stronger than glass)
  • UV resistant
  • Flame retardant properties
  • Electrical isolating properties
  • Resistant against oils and fats
  • Can be bent cold and shaped warm


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