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LED rings Homey

In a world in which more and more devices are becoming smart or wireless, there are more remotes on the table and more apps on your smartphone.
We believe that technology should make your life better and easier.
Homey combines all of these devices, so you can easily control them. Use Homey to make all the lamps in your bedroom red, or have your favorite music start to play automatically as soon as you come home.

Project LED rings Homey

Homey is the super smart ball that allows you to connect everything in your home. This past month, Athom has managed to get Homey on the shelves at MediaMarkt, iCenter, and other stores.

BMTEC is the proud supplier of the Homey LED rings. Throughout 2016 and 2017 we cut 10,000 LED rings for Athom. These LED rings are a lot more complex than they seem at first glance. We are capable of laser cutting while using a 0.1 millimeter tolerance for both the LED ring and the groove. The rings are made from a special LED PMMA which is meant to diffuse the light.

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